Mirebeau-sur-Bèze's district

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The valleys of the rivers Vingeanne, Albanne, Tille and Bèze represent an assortment of marvels and legends, put together by Mother Nature and the hand of Man for the pleasure of those who know when to break their journey.

Between vaults of verdure and Romanesque ribs, men managed to build shelters where they could survive, or even live in peace. Oppida, castra and dungeons gave way to opulent, splendidly Versailles-like country mansions.

These shrines have bequeathed on the district of Mirebeau-sur-B?ze their historical and natural inheritance.

Great oak-forests (Mirebeau, Bèze, Renève), natural curiosities (the Cave of Bèze and the Résurgence), fertile, multi-coloured plains, relics of the past, all these have the power to sastify the knowledgeable or simply curious minds, and soothe those bodies worn out by the strains of life.

Walk slowly and let the place welcome you, and this will be a great stay full of happy memories.


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